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DUNCANVILLE, Texas - The National Underclassmen Combine made its second trip to the Lone Star State this time hitting the Greater Dallas area. Day one was highlighted by Samuel Harvill of Springdale (Ark.) Shiloh Christian. He smashed the 185-pound bench press mark with 56 reps. He now owns every weightlifting mark in NUC history. Below are just some of the top athletes that performed in the event.

Dallas NUC Standouts: Day One
RB Joe Bergeron, 6-0/235, Mesquite (Texas) North Mesquite (2011 class)
ASSETS: Tremendous overall body structure and good athleticism.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to work on lateral movement and quickness.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Ran a legit 4.6 40 on field turf and dominated in drill work and one-on-ones earning Sophomore Overall MVP honors.
CONCLUSION: There is no doubt that this was the top prospect on the day. He not only looks the part, but practices like a big-time D-I prospect. He will either be a big tailback or H-back at the next level.
CB Jeremy Brady, 5-9/160, Red Oak (Texas) High (2012 class)
ASSETS: Has very good body control and excellent hands for a defensive back.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to work on speed and strength.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Proved that defensive backs can catch by picking off three passes during the one-on-ones.
CONCLUSION: Brady has three years of high school to work on his strength and body structure which should be the key into transforming him into a D-I prospect.

WR Tomorris Hamilton, 5-7/140, Grand Prairie (Texas) South Grand Prairie (2012 class)
ASSETS: Superior change of direction and is a perfectionist as a route runner.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to get stronger and bigger to help get off press-man coverage.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Even though slight in stature, Hamilton was like an Etch-a-Sketch as a route runner earning Freshman Overall MVP.
CONCLUSION: Only time will tell how big Hamilton will get, but he already runs great routes and possesses excellent hands.
DT Samuel Harvill, 6-1/252, Springdale (Ark.) Shiloh Christian (2011 class)
ASSETS: Harvill is tremendously strong and is a high-effort guy in practice.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to work on consistent pad level at the point of attack; he had a tendency to go too low at times.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: He set a new National Underclassmen Combine lifting record for any age group by benching 185 pounds 56 times.
CONCLUSION: I don't think there is any doubt he will end up playing D-I football, it will just be a matter of what level.
WR Kameel Jackson, 6-1/185, Arlington (Texas) Sam Houston (2011 class)
ASSETS: Has good size and runs very crisp routes.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Jackson needs to improve his speed in order to become a vertical threat in the passing game.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: His varsity experience and sharp route running earned him a share of the WR MVP group for the sophomore class.
CONCLUSION: Has a chance to catch a lot of passes over the next two years and grab the attention of college coaches.
CB Robert Jenkins, 5-10/183, Arlington (Texas) Bowie (2012 class)
ASSETS: Has excellent size and is very physical.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to work on speed and quickness which will improve his off-man coverage skills.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Jenkins physically pummeled the slot receivers off the line of scrimmage in press-man coverage earning a piece of the freshman DB MVP award.
CONCLUSION: He already has what you can't teach and that is sheer toughness, now he needs to continue to hone his skill set over the next three years in order to become a D-I prospect.
OG Samuel Jenkins, 6-0/305, Duncanville (Texas) High (2012 class)
ASSETS: Has really quick hands and is a natural knee bender.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Jenkins needs to work on losing some lower body weight and gaining upper body strength.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: During individual drill work he showed off the most beautiful pass protection form especially considering how young he is. Jenkins also earned freshman OL MVP honors.
CONCLUSION: The chances of playing D-I football are strictly up to him. He has good size, determination and is a very coachable pupil.
RB Antoine Jimmerson, 5-10/191, DeSoto (Texas) High (2011 class)
ASSETS: Has very good overall body structure and speed to burn.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Just needs to get varsity experience carrying the rock and taking the hits.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Ran one of the fastest 40s of the day at 4.54. Jimmerson also excelled during the one-on-ones, earning Offensive Skill MVP.
CONCLUSION: His high school team produces athletes and he will get his chance to show college coaches what he is made of.
PQB Cooper Jones, 6-5/184, Lone Oak (Texas) High (2011 class)
ASSETS: Has excellent height, a strong arm and is very accurate.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Just needs to continue to physically mature because the tools and skill are already in place.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Maybe it was the fact that he already has over a full year of varsity experience but Jones was by far the best pro-style quarterback prospect I have seen nationally in the sophomore class. He also ran away with QB MVP honors and barely lost out to Bergeron as Overall MVP.
CONCLUSION: Without a doubt he is a major D-I QB prospect, look for him to possibly even garner offers before his junior season begins.
OLB Alexander Lyons, 6-0/190, OLB, DeSoto (Texas) High (2012 class)
ASSETS: Has very good size and speed for his age.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: The main thing that young players with this much natural athletic ability have to do is stay focused and strive to be better.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Ran a 4.81 40 and shuttled a 4.51 while earning LB MVP honors for the freshman linebacker group.
CONCLUSION: Another very athletic physical specimen from DeSoto (Texas) High. If Lyons wants to be great, he will be.
WR Jeffrey Thomas, 6-4/170, Duncanville (Texas) High (2012 class)
ASSETS: Very tall for a 14-year-old with good hands and body control.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to work on overall speed; right now his football speed is much faster than his 40 speed.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Was able to repeatedly beat smaller DBs deep and successfully use his size to create separation. Though very young and very raw, Thomas ran away with WR MVP honors for the freshman group.
CONCLUSION: He is still learning the game of football and just getting use to his own body. His is just now scratching the surface of his potential.
CB Quarmaine Thomas, 5-8/155, CB, Mesquite (Texas) West Mesquite (2011 class)
ASSETS: Has very good speed and quickness.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Like most young corners in this age group, Thomas will need to work on size and strength.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Did an excellent job of locking down receivers and steering them off their intended routes. His performance in the one-on-ones earned him DB MVP honors in the sophomore class.
CONCLUSION: Look for him to continue to get better and his recruiting to pick up mid-way through his junior season.
WR Cameron White, 6-2/172, Arlington (Texas) Bowie (2011 class)
ASSETS: Has good size, speed and change of direction.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: White needs to become a more consistent route runner and not round off his breaks.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE AT COMBINE: Earned Co-MVP WR honors in the sophomore group with his 4.54 40 and 4.21 shuttle.
CONCLUSION: A definite D-I kid, but how many offers and at what level is still up in the air.

OTHERS WHO IMPRESSED: WR James Boyd, McKinney (Texas) Boyd (2011); WDE Kindred Evans, Grand Prairie (Texas) South Grand Prairie (2011); ATH Abraham Hall, Grand Prairie (Texas) South Grand Prairie (2012); Og Taylor Lasecki, Frisco (Texas) High (2011), OG Alfredo Morales, Arlington (TX) Sam Houston (2011), Emeka Okafor, OT, Mesquite (TX) Sunnyvale (2011); CB Samuel Oyenuga, Rowlett (Texas) High (2011); OG Brad McNulty, Allen (Texas) High (2011); WR Ty Montgomery, Dallas St. Marks (2011); RB Devin Rushing, DeSoto (Texas) High (2012); CB Marquis Walker, Rison (Ark.) High (2012); ILB/DT Lance Williams, Mesquite (Texas) Horn (2011).

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